Today, disruptive forces are transforming the way we work and have created an imperative for enterprises to adapt rapidly, and this has further accelerated due to the recent pandemic. This has increased the need for innovation to continuously change and improvise employee experience. At times, it is difficult to catch up with the pace of the change to adapt to the new realities of the business arena. But, the truth is that innovation has become the mantra for business growth in today’s digital era.

While almost every company is trying to foster innovation within its organisation, not many can be successful. This is because they are focusing on strategy and not on people. Therefore, today, it becomes even more critical for human resource teams to take the lead to bring agility and drive exponential value for the organisation.

Businesses need to recognise that a culture that enhances employee experience is becoming a competitive advantage for organisations to drive employee engagement, productivity and retention. Hence, it is essential to embrace innovation at the grassroots.

ASCEND and it’s core principles


Accountability represents having an ownership mindset

Solution Mindset

We promote breaking the more significant problem into smaller ones and developing innovative ideas to solve them


We believe that employee engagement is a must to embrace innovation at the grassroots


The expertise tenet focuses on inculcating a learning mindset in the employees

Never Give-Up

The never give-up tenet encourages an attitude to thrive on achieving the desired results


Dependability is directly proportional to accountability. While doing so, the outcome is timely and complete

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