Customer Journeys
Mapped through Data
A 360 Customer Data Platform that integrates customer data from
Multiple touchpoints to provide a single view of the customer

Listen, Analyze, Observe, Activate
Delight your customer at the right time, at the right channel with
   the right offer
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Get to know your Customer better
Create Customer-Centric Strategies, processes, and culture.
Achieve next level of personalization with quality products, services,
   and experiences.
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Gain Customer Loyalty By
Improving Customer Lifetime Value
Get predictions to enhance your campaign performance
Achieve desired results by making the right recommendations
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Enterprises are generating and gathering a huge amount of data on daily basis than ever before. Companies continue to accumulate various sorts of data ranging from identity data, (descriptive) data, transactional data, and a humungous amount of behavioral and qualitative data. However, they are not able to utilize the data to generate insights which make them information-rich, but insight poor.  All this data gets stored in silos and remains unanalyzed.  Besides, organizations lack the mechanism to track cross-platform data for understanding conversion.

Add to this, changes in market dynamics, increasing use of digital mediums, and shifting customer preferences have made it difficult for companies to gain customer attention. Increasing customer expectations have made companies invest in a CDP. While there are a plethora of CDPs available, an advanced CDP that can mirror and reflect the dynamism of changing digital landscape is ideal.

Piper is a 360-degree, smart customer data intelligence platform that extracts customer data from multiple touchpoints to present a unified single view of the customer across channels post-cleansing the data. It enables organizations and departments to provide remarkable consistent customer experience across multiple channels, provide quality predictable insights to push appropriate products, offers, recommendations, personalized communication, and quality customer experience. It helps organizations to improve customer loyalty by responding to “customer moments of truth” in real-time and allows them to provide quality, personalized experience, and services, thereby improving customer lifecycle value.


360-Degree View Of Customer

Quality customer experience

Unified cross-channel marketing

Locate Contextualization

Find new audience segments

Improved customer loyalty

Discover actionable segments

Transform data into insights

How It Works

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Data Collection in its original format

Unified Customer view

Leveraging AI for channel Marketing

Driving better results through behavior analysis

Cross data device coordination to track individual journey

Real-time Personalization

Real time Sentiment Analysis for ORM

Brand Monitoring

Hyper personalized offers

Churn Predictions

Conversion Analysis- & optimization at each stage of funnel

Improved Ad targeting

Upsell & cross-sell opportunities

Next best offers​

Prediction for personalized offers

New acquisition based on behavioral & firmographic analysis

Lead Analysis & customer lifetime value

Churn Predictions

Conversion Analysis

Sales intelligence with contextual information

360 customer view for tailoring conversations

Personalized offers post-purchase

Improved CLV - actionable insights & recommendations

Loyalty & Retention

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