Global Business Services (GBS)

Empowers you to focus on what you do
best while we take care of your
Enterprise Functions.


Commitment & Assurance


For any business, enterprise functions (Procurement, Supply Chain, Finance & accounting, Human Resource Operations) are essential processes and creates a substantial impact. Today, organization leaders face unprecedented challenges in this VUCA world. Other than cost, other key KPIs that help measure the organisational performance include assurance of Supply, risk, controls, sustainability, and a resilient supply chain. As the business landscape gets competitive with world-class competitors, businesses strive to be ‘Best in Class’ and on top of the quadrant (suite of matured organizations). To achieve this, CXOs are turning to Centralisation & Outsourcing of enterprise functions for an effective and immediate solution to be cost-effective, process efficient, and compliant, create superior customer experience thus establishing a sustainable business function. To remain competitive in the shifting technological paradigm, businesses are leveraging digital technologies like automation, analytics, and IoT. AI & machine learning is augmenting humans to create digital workforces of tomorrow.

Motherson Technology GBS is your ‘Extended Arm’ and committed towards quality process delivery. We are your strategic partner. You take care of your core business, and we take care of rest of the enterprise back-office processes.

GBS Service Offerings

Business Process Outsourcing

Design Thinking Led Advisory

Digital Transformation

GBS Service Portfolio

Guiding Principles

Build | Scale | Sustain

Our Unique Approach

Flexibility and agility move into the spotlight, overthrowing cost as the only motivator

Whatever your business goal is, Motherson Technology Services can help you achieve it. Global Business Services (GBS) Empowers you to focus on what you do best while we take care of your Enterprise Functions. Our unique approach to global business services helps to build strategic capabilities that optimise operations and contribute to your business outcomes.

Intelligence and Insights

We leverage intelligent digital technologies and analytical insights to help you achieve business outcomes and competitive advantage.

Human + Machine Talent

We combine human and machine talent to convert high-impact opportunities into effective business process transformations.

Diverse Data

We use structured and unstructured data derived from diverse sources to help you make informed decisions.

Work Orchestration

We help companies to effectively orchestrate the allocation of work, ensuring the right resource is used for the given task.

Our Key Accelerators

Powering your company transformation with GBS

Strategic and Maturity Assessment

Strategic and Maturity Assessment

Motherson Technology conducts thorough strategic and maturity assessment of the client’s operations to develop KPI-based business process transformation roadmaps.

Robust Resource Strategy

Robust Resource Strategy

As a business strategy consultant, We help companies to develop strategies for talent acquisition, development and retention.

Strong Governance and Compliance

Strong Governance and Compliance

We implement industry-specific practices to build a robust governance and compliance landscape for companies, thus improving overall global business services performance.

Seamless Transition

Seamless Transition

Motherson Technology Services leverages intelligent tools, online mode of collaboration and smart delivery centres to seamlessly accelerate the pace of transition.

Focus on Business Process Transformation

Focus on Business Process Transformation

We assist organisations to implement and integrate automation and other disruptive technologies into their GBS models, ensuring end-to-end business process transformation.

We Deliver Assurance

Moving beyond business as usual with GBS assurance

Cost Savings Assurance

Cost Savings Assurance

We assure companies achieve their cost optimisation agendas by helping to improve cash flow, increase CSAT and drive revenue.

Service Assurance

Service Assurance

We provides consistent and high-quality GBS X.0 services across all stages of business process transformation, thus maximising client satisfaction.

Transformation Assurance

Transformation Assurance

Our GBS practice ensures end-to-end business process transformation, helping companies to achieve their strategic business objectives.

Case Studies

Converging transformation and growth to integrate innovation


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