Embedded Engineering

Delivering Innovative Embedded Engineering Solutions
for Integrated Product Development


Motherson Technology Services offers full system support for embedded development, from system requirements to validation. Our expertise in the embedded engineering domain helps us design and develop state-of-the-art embedded hardware and software systems. We have the experience of executing turnkey embedded project, with our highly skilled team of embedded systems engineers providing firmware development services, product development, software & hardware and testing ensuring seamless integration with third-party technologies.

Motherson Technology Services has proven expertise in hardware engineering services & solutions including design and development of complex, faster, reliable, and efficient solutions. Our offerings in domain-specific hardware engineering and design services be it choosing the right sensors, modems, processors, control chips, designing the complete PCB, or even customizing and low volume manufacturing. We have a wide range service and extended partner ecosystem that helps the customers in develop a quick prototype for POC to the implementation of a time critical and complex design for a real time application.

Embedded Engineering - Hardware Engineering

Our Expertise

Design Analysis








Board Design

  Digital Board Design
  Analog Board Design
  RF Design
  Power Supply Design
  High Speed Design Analysis
  Low Power Design
  Sensor Integration

PCB Design

  32 Layers
  IPC Standards
  DFM/DFX Implementation
  Semi Flex PCB Design
  12000 Components
  1760 Pin IC

Design Analysis

  Hazard Analysis & FTA
  RF Simulation
  Power & Thermal Analysis
  Signal Integrity Analysis
  Design Simulation

Service Area

  Value Engineering(VAVE)
  Components Engineering
  Low Volume Manufacturing
  EMI/EMC Testing, Reliability Analysis, HASS, HALT
  Environmental Testing

Design Tools

  Mentor, cadence, CAD-star
  Altium, CAM 350, Mathcad
  Timing Designer, HyperLynx
  Part Miner

Motherson Technology Services offers complete embedded software services including platform development, OS/Application porting, Wired/Wireless connectivity, and overall system engineering encompassing a whole gamut of the cutting-edge tools & technologies, backed up by the expertise of a multi-disciplinary system & software engineering.
Motherson Technology Services has rich experience in Embedded software/firmware development and porting services for Automotive ECU, Industrial Automation, Smart home automation, Machine Vision, Remote sensor networks etc., Our expertise span across, Functional safety and AUTOSAR services, Software & hardware product engineering, Model-based design, Test & test automation, Mobility and Application services.

Software Engineering - Embedded Engineering

Our Expertise


GUI Design

OS Porting & Customization


Testing & Validation

Control & Monitoring



Motherson Technology Services has dedicated state-of-the-art lab infrastructure – VAVE and teardown lab, EMI/EMC lab, Product Testing Lab, Design Assurance Lab, Reliability Lab, Mechanical testing lab. We leverage our wide range of software testing services to build fully functional and scalability-tested next-gen systems & solutions like Web applications, Windows applications, mobile applications, IoT, and embedded devices, test automation framework to be executable on platforms, reusable, and scalable for businesses across industries and verticals. This ensures faster releases and superior quality products with next-gen testing & QA services. Our expertise spans across unit testing, system integration and system testing for automotive software in accordance with the required Automotive Safety and Integrity Level (ASIL).

Our Expertise

Hardware Test Engineering

Software Test

Mechanical Test Engineering

Certification Support