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Agility, Availability & Accountability have become necessary for any enterprise to remain relevant. This was further fueled by the ‘New Normal’. Digital disruption and evolving regulations have dynamically changed the defined rules of engagements. Asset interactions today are not limited to internal applications, devices or platforms, leading to increased exposure & attack surfaces.

Our Cyber Security proposition envisions to protect modern enterprise assets while accelerating business growth. Our services are focused on meeting end to end cyber security requirements through the ‘Integrated Cyber Defense’, (ICD) framework. ICD aligns with industry best practices and focuses on robust delivery models with customized solutions to ensure functionality, operations & security.

What we do


Discovery, Impact Assessment, Risk Management, Threat Visibility


Access Control, Data Security, User Awareness, Host Security


Audit, Proactive Monitoring, Anomaly Detection


Response Planning, Communication, Analysis, Mitigation, Enhancement


Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Enhancement


Connected Devices Security

OT & IoT Platform Scanning
SCADA Security

Application Security

Container Security
Web & API Security

Cloud Security

Cloud Security Foundation
Cloud Risk Management
Cloud Security Engineering
Zero Trust Security

Security Assurance

Risk Assessment
Vulnerability Management
Penetration Testing
Phishing Campaign Service

Managed Security Service

Security Monitoring
Threat Intelligence
Security Device Management
Endpoint Security
Data Security
Identity Protection

Leadership Thought

"Notion of the famed silver bullet is well behind us! Cybersecurity is a culture which must be an integral part of business and not an afterthought."
If I think like an attacker, this is the ideal moment. Assets today are more exposed via multiple channels. Exploitation techniques combined with social engineering enable the evasion from even the most advanced detection an response system. The magnitude of impact has been unprecedented, resulting in Cybersecurity becoming a key agenda for board-level discussions. This onslaught needs to be addressed not by an individual or technology, but a security framework needs to be robust but by a security framework that is robust and at the same time provides enough flexibilty to ensure the right mix of security functionality and operation excellence. Motherson Technology Services ICD is created on these guiding principles, with a focused approach on enabling business and meeting end to end cyber security requirements.
- Sidharth Sood, Global Business Head, Cyber Security




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