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Our area of expertise at Motherson Technology Services is


Our strategy is straightforward but effective: we ‘Adopt‘ state-of-the-art technologies, ‘Analyse‘ data with accuracy, and ‘Accelerate‘ your path to digital excellence. We are a trusted partner in navigating the always changing world of digital transformation, with an emphasis on efficiency and creativity.

As we partner with our customers, there is a commitment to embracing latest technology, data-driven decision-making, swift progress of digital initiatives and build relationships for future.

Forging a Bright Digital Future

Empowering Progress Through Technological Advancements and Digital Transformation

The Roadmap to Digital Transformation

Leveraging Emerging Technologies for Success

Migrate Microsoft Workload to AWS

Streamlining Cloud Migration Strategies for a Seamless Transition to the Future

Expanding Our Footprint

Bringing Our Expertise Closer to You and Their Impact on Innovation and Collaboration

Reinvent with Us

Reshape, Reboot and Rebuild your present for a better future

Unlocking the full potential of your enterprise in Cloud

Today, Cloud has emerged as a new dimension of generating business value by driving innovations rapidly, and inducing enterprise resilience and...

Leveraging data and analytics to induce business resilience

While businesses continue to adapt to the ‘New normal’ and the ‘Next normal’; the era of digital transformation got more pronounced. In this era...

Transform product vision into tangible real-world designs

Our digital engineering solutions and services serve as a perfect blend of best practises and industry expertise. Our expertise spans across product engineering...


Blog | Dec 11 2023

Generative AI

A Game Changer Before We Realized

Blog | Sep 27 2023

Unveiling the Integral Role of Data Analytics

The Evolution of AI/ML

Case Study


Digital transformation journey of a leading steel provider


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Case Study


Luxury Car Manufacturer Create Better Omnichannel Customer Experiences with Customer Data Platform


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The Right Mindset for Grassroots Innovation

Nurturing talent and building a thriving workplace


Accountability represents having an ownership mindset. This enables the employees to think and act like owners…

Solution Mindset

Having a solution mindset is the practice of not seeing a big problem as a whole. Instead, we promote breaking…


We believe that employee engagement is a must to embrace innovation at the grassroots. Hence, we drive collaboration…


The expertise tenet focuses on inculcating a learning mindset in the employees. Everyone needs to upskill and aim to become an expert…

Never Give-Up

The never-give-up tenet encourages an attitude to thrive on achieving the desired results. The focus is to help work on and embrace…


Dependability is directly proportional to accountability. While doing so, the outcome is timely and complete. The last pillar…

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