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India, 17 Apr’ 2023 – Motherson Technology Services, a leading AWS Partner, has recently achieved the AWS Migration Competency. This certification is one of the highest recognition that an AWS Partner can receive within a specific area. This achievement demonstrates Motherson Technology Services deep experience and expertise in helping businesses move to AWS successfully through all phases of complex migration projects.

As part of our strategy, we continuously focus on ensuring specialised expertise in various areas that support our value proposition. Motherson Technology Services underwent a comprehensive audit in early 2023 and officially received the AWS Migration Competency.

This achievement required validating our expertise in Migration Methodology, Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, and Cost Optimisation. In addition to meeting the prerequisites such as being an AWS Advanced Partner and having employees with the right certifications and accreditations.

“The AWS Migration Competency is a prestigious certification that recognises AWS Partners who have demonstrated a high level of expertise and experience in helping customers successfully migrate their workloads to the AWS Cloud. It is the highest recognition that an AWS Partner can receive within the area of migration, and it signifies that the partner has met rigorous technical and business standards set by AWS. Achieving this competency demonstrates a commitment to customer success and a deep understanding of AWS migration solutions, best practices, and tools. It also gives customers confidence that they are working with a partner who has a proven track record of delivering successful migrations to the AWS Cloud,” said Manmohan Rao, Practice Leader – AWS Cloud Services Delivery, Motherson Technology Services Limited.

Achieving the Migration competency sets Motherson Technology Services apart as an AWS Partner that can seamlessly migrate businesses to the AWS cloud, regardless of the type of cloud migration – from/to on-premises, public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud.

This accomplishment underscores our expertise in guiding customers through the entire spectrum of cloud migrations, ranging from simple to extremely complex, including the scaling of infrastructure, applications, and data modernisation.

If you are considering a cloud migration, Motherson Technology Services can help with a free Cloud assessment and assist with any questions about your cloud journey and how you can best reap the benefits of the cloud. Let’s connect!

About Motherson Technology Services

A CMMI Level 5 company, Motherson Technology has delivered best-in-class services to over 200 customers in 41+ global locations across all continents. Motherson Technology Services Limited is a division of Motherson Group, one of the largest manufacturers of components for the automotive and transport industries worldwide with 150,000 employees across the globe. Our name itself signifies a relationship of deep trust that of a mother and child. Trust is sacrosanct in all relationships at Motherson while working towards our vision of being a globally preferred solutions provider. To know more, visit