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About The Webinar

The manufacturing industry has always been receptive to the idea of embracing technology. However, the current pandemic was unlike anything we have ever seen before. So while the priority has been to adapt to the new, it’s time for introspection for the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers today have to look for opportunities that current crises may offer them. Therefore, we believe now is the time to end the debate of whether next-gen technologies that encompasses Industry 4.0 are a ‘good to have’ or a ‘must have’.

Imperatives to successfully drive Industry 4.0 initiatives,

Today Industry 4.0 initiatives are limited to specific manufacturing operations such as procurement and shop floor activities. However, enterprises can realize the full benefit of Industry 4.0 implementation when these initiatives connect the task dots—or the bots—across the entire value chain.

There can be no smart manufacturing without a smart workforce. As the number of digital technology components and their usage increase in manufacturing, leaders must rethink their workforce skill levels.

Focused on inbound and outbound logistics management and production processes. Operations functions include production planning, inventory management, transportation management, order processing, supply chain management, and aftermarket services.

In this webinar, learn from HPE and our technology experts on how you can enable smart manufacturing operations with close integration between people, processes and technology.

Key takeaways,

The power of Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) has acted as the radar that helps steer the enterprise during these stormy times. By leveraging analytics and BI, organizations can collate data, generate insights, design plans, and execute strategies that are essential to survive and thrive.

As automation matures, companies can experience smooth processes and greater productivity. Advancements in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have made significant inroads into strategic business to achieve more incredible speed, efficiency, and superior quality control.

The market for co-bots is expected to be $7.5 billion by 2027. Manufacturing enterprises benefit from this uniquely-tailored technology to improve overall efficiency, respond to volatile demands in output volumes, and consistently perform non-value-added work.

Capability Showcase

HPE and Motherson Technology Services data management solutions enable enterprises to embrace the data-driven culture and drive digital transformation across the value chain. MOTIF Lakehouse is a new generation data management platform that combines the elements of the enterprise DWH, data cloud and data lake. It enables consumable efficient, and cost-effective data structure and data storage with HPE Ezmeral.

About The Speakers

Tariq Shallwani

Sales Director, APAC Manufacturing & Distribution Industry Vertical
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

Cheruvu Krishna

Head and Vice President, iDACS & Industry 4.0,
Motherson Technology Services Limited

Hariharan Ramakrishnan

Head and Vice President, Digital and Analytics Services,
Motherson Technology Services Limited

Pankaj Chopra

Sales Head & AVP, Far East,
Motherson Technology Services Limited

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