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What is CloudFront

AWS CloudFront is a fast, highly secure, and programmable content delivery network (CDN) that accelerates the delivery of websites, APIs, video content, and other web assets. It integrates seamlessly with other AWS services, providing an end-to-end solution for content delivery and management.

How does CloudFront work?

CloudFront, a global network of servers near users, caches content like website images. When users request content, CloudFront delivers it directly if cached, cutting download times. Otherwise, it retrieves it from the source and caches it for future use, boosting website performance, handling traffic surges, and saving costs by offloading the main server.

Key Features

Precision Targeting

Control exactly who sees your content with AWS CloudFront's geo-restrictions. Target specific regions for localised experiences or restrict access to specific files based on city, ZIP, postal code, latitude, or longitude for enhanced security.

Low Latency Content Delivery

By caching your content at edge locations closest to your users, CloudFront minimises latency and provides a smooth and responsive experience for your website or application visitors.

DDoS Protection with AWS Shield

Protect your content from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks with AWS Shield, a managed service that safeguards your applications running on AWS against web traffic flooding attacks.

Programmable Caching and Content Optimization

With CloudFront's flexible caching and content optimisation features, you can customise the caching behavior, configure cache invalidation, and leverage advanced compression and optimisation techniques to deliver content efficiently.

Security and Access Control

Ensure the security of your content with CloudFront's support for HTTPS, AWS Certificate Manager for SSL/TLS certificates, and fine-grained access control through signed URLs and signed cookies.

Global Edge Network

AWS CloudFront's global edge network consists of hundreds of edge locations spanning across multiple regions and countries, ensuring low-latency content delivery to your end-users worldwide.

What other AWS services does CloudFront integrate with?

Think of CloudFront as a content delivery superhero. To power up its global network, it taps into various AWS services like these:

Amazon S3

Your trusty storage vault can be CloudFront's source of lightning-fast file delivery. This works for both regular S3 buckets and websites hosted on S3.

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Amazon EC2 & Elastic Load Balancing

Don't have your files in S3? No problem! CloudFront can also grab them from your own servers or load balancers in the cloud.

AWS Lambda@Edge

Imagine mini helpers stationed around the world, ready to react to user requests on the spot. That's Lambda@Edge, running code right inside CloudFront's edge locations for a smoother, faster experience.

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AWS Elemental MediaStore & MediaPackage

Got videos? CloudFront seamlessly integrates with these services to deliver them to your audience with blazing speed and reliability.

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Amazon CloudWatch:

Keep an eye on your CloudFront hero with built-in monitoring. Track requests, errors, and more without any extra setup, so you can always be sure it's running at peak performance.

AWS CDN Insights

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CloudFront caches frequently accessed content (images, videos) at geographically distributed edge locations. This means users receive content from the closest server, significantly improving website load times globally.

CloudWatch metrics provide insights into critical factors like latency and traffic distribution. This allows you to identify areas for further optimisation.

CloudFront automatically scales its cache based on user demand. This ensures consistent performance even during traffic spikes, preventing slowdowns or outages.

CloudFront charges are based on requests, data transfer out, and storage used. Pay-per-request pricing ensures you only pay for what you use.

CloudFront offers features like signed URLs and custom security policies to restrict unauthorised access and prevent security breaches.


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