Electronic Data Interchange

Simplifying Operations by Establishing Seamless Electronic Communication Between Partners.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is paperless Trading in simple words which is a structured real-time transmission of data by electronic means securely, limiting human intervention between two trading partners. It effectively simplifies operations within and outside oragnizations .It helps in eliminating unnecessary steps and also reduce turn around time.

In EDI enabled transactions, data flows from one organization’s computer application to another’s computer application.EDI Standards are introduced to determine the sequence of information in a document format that is exchanged between organizations.Once the data is translated it is then shared realtime between organizations , hence saving costs , time and efforts.

This data Exchange capability is used across industries to exchange huge sets of documents ranging from purchase orders, invoices, loans applications, quotations and other confidential documents.

Strategic & Operational Benefits.

Lower Operating Costs

Replaces paper transactions and reduce cost of printing, storage, filing, postage and document retrieval.

Reduce or eliminate Stock holding

Basis of JIT.

Increase Speed & Accuracy

Dramatic Time Saving - exchange transactions in minutes.

Extreme Data Accuracy.

Shorten time b/w formulating replenishment demand & the Order processing by Suppliers.

Improve Supplier Ratings

Customer Mandate – we prefer EDI enabled.

Extra points for EDI enabled partners.

Upgrades the quality of your relationship with your trading partners

Faster Trading Cycle

Speed in which the trading partner receive / incorporate nformation in their system greatly reduce cycle times.

Secure and Reliable

Impeccable Reliability

Transporting Data securely and reliable using digital certificates and encryption.

How EDI works?

All EDI transactions get defined by EDI standards. EDI Satndards are necessary to ensure that same data quality is maintained across organizations.

Our Service Offerings

Allows Data hosting on multiple platforms

  • Our Premises/ Cloud.
  • Client Premises.

Capitalise on your ERP investment by integrating your organization ERP system with EDI. Seamless Integration between the two systems results in:

  • Minimize processing times.
  • Greater supply chain visibility.
  • Eliminate Errors.
  • Easy Communication within Business and third parties.
  • Avoid compliance issues.

Managers can filter real-time data, easy-to-use, configurable dashboard depending on their responsibilities and preferences.

  • Track your incoming and outgoing documents.
  • Real-time notification alerts.
  • Filter data as per trading partners and other multiple views.

All EDI Formats Supported:

  • Five Primary Standards supported : VDA, ANSI X12, EDIFACT, ODETTE, RND.
  • Other Supporting Formats: IDOC, FLAT FILES, CSV, XML.
  • A Company dealing with global clients is likely to come across multiple EDI standards, Motherson Technology Services provides end to end support when it comes to configuring multiple EDI standards .
  • Easy addition and deleted of partners.
  • Support and consultancy to new partners.
  • Consultancy to achieve vendor compliances.
  • 24* 7 support and immediate incident handling
  • Motherson Technology Services helps you in identifying the most secure, cost effective and reliable solution for your company.
  • Companies have strict norms when it comes to data transfer. we leverage our expertise of 14 years to help your company clear these compliances.

Five Primary Standards supported by EDI:

Other Supporting Formats :

Our Reasons to Believe

Lets your business run the way you want, managing the connectivity with your trading partners.
  • Trace the progress of your business documents as they are exchanged with your suppliers.
  • All document transfers are fully auditable, with delivery receipts for proof of delivery.

Our service team manages the integration infrastructure for you and on-boards new trading partners as your business grows.

With a single, managed connection to Motherson Technology Services, you have access to many of trading partners.