Motherson Technology Services USA Limited joins hands with Mushiny to jointly create Robotic Solutions for the Americas Manufacturing Industry.

“Synergistic Ventures: The Integrator Partnership between Mushiny and Motherson”

[Schaumburg, USA]: Motherson Technology Services USA Limited today announced its partnership with Mushiny. The agreement outlines the commitment to establish and maintain Motherson Technology Services business operation and drive the sales of Mushiny products in the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico.

“Two visionary forces converge, forging a partnership that promises innovation, growth, and collective success,” says Arun Mohanchandra, Business Head, Motherson Technology Services USA Limited. Further elaborating, he says this partnership will grant Motherson Technology Services rights to distribute the solution. Simultaneously, Motherson Technology Services will commit to Mushiny as its partner in robot solutions, expanding our horizon in a mutually beneficial way.

“North America is Mushiny’s strategically important market. We are very much looking forward to providing our updated product technology and AMR solutions to Motherson Technology Services USA Limited and contributing to their future success,’ remarked K2 Liu, CEO, Mushiny.

The primary objective of the partnership is to leverage our combined efforts, using commercially reasonable efforts, to enable MUSHINY to grow and lead the market in the defined territory, which can be further explained as follows:

About Motherson Technology Services

Motherson Technology Services USA Limited is a next-generation global technology solutions company that simplifies the business transformation journey with cutting-edge technologies, services, and solutions. The company focuses on technology and providing critical support to all its clients by serving their IT needs and supporting product development, validation, prototyping, CAE services and tool design. It ensures the delivery of a well-connected, robust, and secure IT Infrastructure to manage information flow across the enterprise.

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About Mushiny

Founded in 2016, Mushiny is the world’s leading tech company specialising in logistics robot intelligent systems. Currently, Mushiny has about 200 employees, and its operations encompass over 20 developed countries and regions with an overseas market share of 50%. Mushiny has structured its business into two key units: The Intelligent Warehousing Division provides customers with custom-made intelligent warehousing solutions, offering rapid delivery in 60 days worldwide. The Standard Products Division is an expert in the customisation of robot chassis, providing a variety of software and hardware services to partners and customers with development capabilities.