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Embedded Analytics Vs. SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP S/4 HANA Embedded Analytics is a concept and toolset to enable Embedded (built-in) Analytics, real-time operational reporting, and intelligent business cockpits. It uses SAP ABAP Core Data Services (referred to as CDS) to create Virtual Data Models (Representation of operational data).

SAP Analytics Cloud is a SaaS (software as service) solution from SAP that provides BI, planning, predictive and collaboration capabilities under one umbrella. It provides a single source of truth concept and allows you to turn insights into action across your organization promptly. As a result, it helps to make intelligent decisions for better business outcomes.

Both Embedded Analytics and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) are technologies with apparently similar goals and capabilities, and yet they’re distinct on many fronts. Here we discuss some of those distinctions:

Data Consolidation

Embedded Analytics is restricted for usage underneath the application, whereas SAC has the option to blend data from SAP and other non-SAP data sources (cloud/on-premise, imported/live). For this reason, for any stereotypical situation in an enterprise where the business data is spread across multiple SAP suites or between SAP and non-SAP systems, SAC is the only choice.

Augmented Analytics

Augmented analytics is a cornerstone of the SAP Analytics Cloud. It comes without any additional cost, offers intelligent Machine Learning solutions, and in many ways, it is the latest generation in the attempt to improve Business Intelligence (BI). For example, even on the move, you can use natural language statements to interact with the SAC, and this next-gen BI system will present you with intelligent insights and charts. Embedded Analytics, on the other hand, is lacking in all these features.

Planning Functionalities

The SAP Analytics Cloud offers full-blown planning support for financial, strategic, and operational planning. Whether it’s versioning, covering various aspects of advanced formulas, automation, converting currencies, or connecting planners to tasks based on calendar events, it’s part of a single system. Plus, the SAC is closely integrated with other business suites like S/4 HANA, which has made it a complete planning solution. But, again, Embedded Analytics offers no support for any planning processes.

Choosing the Right Solution With Motherson Technology Services

SAP Analytics Cloud is the modern solution to an age-old lack of agility in analysis, planning, and forecasting. It brings to you a cloud-based solution that’s both business user-friendly and accurate. This solution lets you turn insights into actions across your organization by offering you a single source of truth concept.

SAC is essentially an all-in-one cloud-based planning and analytics solution. It is interactive, modern, collaborative and highlights some of the most unique and powerful features that one can find in the industry.

For primary use cases where S/4 HANA is responsible for taking care of all business functions like planning, manufacturing, marketing, sales, etc., Embedded Analytics is sufficient for getting the results. But more often than not, this solution runs out of its depths, and only SAC can paint a picture from the scattered data point.


SAC does a great job in providing routine-based consistent data that is both user-friendly and intuitively presented. In addition, it is intended to be as accessible as possible, meaning you will never need to seek help from the IT department again. While Embedded Analytics solves its own set of business problems, SAC takes an edge on almost all fronts and, in many ways, is a giant leap towards data- and fact-based management.

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About the Author:

Yogesh Taneja leads the Global SAP Practice at Motherson Technology Services.

An IT leader with multi-dimensional experience of more than three decades in Enterprise IT and SAP. He is instrumental in helping enterprises in their digital transformation journey, thereby improving revenues, customer experience and optimizing costs. Hewlett Packard accorded him for SAP services and Ranbaxy Global Award for B2B automation.


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