The ASEAN region is the main growth engine of the digital economy, which is why implementing cloud technology in the manufacturing sector is a crucial step. As for enterprises in this region, higher costs and lower productivity posed the biggest challenges, but with disruptive technologies like cloud they were able to get past these. The intelligence of cloud-based solutions allows manufacturers to track and trace more effectively, making it an indispensable component for any enterprise.

This year we exhibited at one of the most exciting and best-attended technology events in Asia, “Cloud Expo”, with our partner AWS. Which is one of the leading cloud technology events, connecting innovators and business leaders with expert solutions and services that facilitate the enablement of digital transformation initiatives on cloud.

It was the 8th edition of the event, where we showcased our capabilities around cloud and industry 4.0 which help organisations kickstart their journey towards innovation with ease. The changing business landscape has caused a shift towards a more connected industry 4.0 ecosystem, making highly configurable connected cloud offerings an indispensable need.

The event got off to a great start, wherein our experts were able to network and discuss with global leaders about how to develop roadmaps for businesses to simplify, strategize, and implement cloud migration processes and help customers adopt a cloud-first strategy. We were able to gain valuable insights about the leading cloud trends and showcase solutions that lead to innovative outcomes for the best possible user experience.


The key discussion points during the event were:

  • Adopt Digital-Led Transformation on the Cloud
  • Reduce production downtime & Allow for quick decision-making
  • Enhance stability and predictability to improve business operations.

Organisations are turning towards cloud technology to realise the maximum business value. Manufacturers are using cloud to modernise their production processes and grow digitally. In addition to enhancing productivity and reducing costs, cloud also completely transforms the key business operations. Hence, it is widely accepted by leadership teams that cloud technology is the way of the future. 

About the Author:

Sachin Saini, Head – Marketing & Communication, Motherson Technology Services

With over 20 years of experience in integrated marketing, brand management, channel management, relationship management, thought leadership, content marketing, martech, strategic alliances, and business development, senior business and marketing professional with strong entrepreneurial and strategic marketing abilities. Self-starter with high energy and motivation has demonstrated success in the service sector. Additional specialisations include public relations, team management, leadership, and digital marketing. Passionate about using the field of marketing to create value for businesses and the community, and believes that innovation and excellence are essential for sustained growth.


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