IoT & Blockchain Powered Smart
Warehouse Management System


MORANGO Ledger by Motherson Technology Services Limited  is a Digital & Analytics powered Smart Warehouse Management System (WMS), delivering an end-to-end traceability of inventory within and outside the four walls along with a secure and transparent transfer of ownership powered by blockchain in near real-time.

As the world moves at a rapid pace the storage and shipment of finished inventory has become more challenging and complex to meet the growing consumer demands. Traditional inventory management methods and approach are failing & results in excess stock, lack of space, inaccurate inventory, Suboptimal picking, low traceability, Poor space utilization etc.

Warehouse managers hence require technologies like IoT , Blockchain, Cloud management systems etc to optimize process efficiency and improve productivity.

An efficient smart warehouse management system needs to leverage the near real-time insights to become Agile, Scalable and Intelligent.

MORANGO Ledger helps create smarter WMS’s by harnessing the power of data-led analytics for insights that matter, IoT for improved tracking and tracing within and outside the four walls and Blockchain for creating tamper-proof & transparent transfer of ownership.

Our Solutions

Support today’s evolving business needs with Morango offerings

Material Receiving and Labeling

Capability to standardize incoming inventory label details for accurate mapping of available inventory

Least Step Counting for Picking Distributed Inventory

Finding the shortest path to optimize time , improve production efficiency and reduce production downtime.

Visual Dashboards for

o  Inventory status by Racks
o Finished Goods Stock
o Production Line

Ability to integrate with Standard ERP to reflect transactions

Inventory Movement Track & Trace

Tracking of the movement of available inventory inside the four walls by Box/Location/Split and Move scenario/ Fixed Location or Free Location Movement

Order, Picking and Packaging Management

End-to-end capability of managing accepting incoming orders from customers via EDI or Reservation, to configuration of raw material pickup in FIFO order all the way till packing the completed items per custom parameters.

Cycle Count / Safety Stock

Cycle Count can be performed when the stock is not moving no picking, no inventory movement via a web Interface, scanner interface or by Pallet or location

Blockchain powered transfer of ownership and inventory tracking capability


MORANGO Ledger is automated for improved productivity, efficiency, and accuracy, and the solutions that are implemented give flexibility and capability to the employees and their processes


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