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We enable clients to harness the power of immersive, interactive solutions to propel their business and craft exceptional customer experiences. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality offer enterprises a new, enhanced way of collaborating, interacting, and working. At Motherson Technology Services, we blend immersive technologies and imagination to create transforming multi-dimensional experiences that bring brands and customers closer in a perfect virtual environment. Our team of experts supports clients to develop, prototype, and deploy AR and VR technologies, and overcome the challenges of operating in the digital age.

Talk about omnichannel experiences, e-commerce, next-gen payment gateways, near field communication, and beacons; smartphones have emerged as a central piece to connect them all. With smartphones taking the central stage, the use of digital platforms and applications is on the rise. From tech and platform development to ubiquitous mobile app development, system integration, data, and analytics platform integration; we help clients to connect with their customers by creating bespoke/personalized omnichannel customer experiences.

Why Immersive Technology?

The immersive technologies have played a key role in merging the digital and the physical world to create a new world of ‘Merged Reality’. This has made the future of media, entertainment, and content more immersive and interactive. The world is gradually shifting from the age of unlimited information to an immersive, experimental age, where people can experience a world of merged reality anywhere, anytime, at any place. This shift has led to a rise in people demanding personalised content, and it gives businesses opportunities to create interconnected realms of possibilities and augment the lives of consumers.

A few underlying factors on why immersive technology makes an impact include:

  • Immersive technologies help enterprises connect easily with their customers & extend the relationships.
  • Immersive solutions are shaping a new world of EdTech with advanced learning, training, and improving the safety of workers in manufacturing.
  • Helps organizations to provide better-personalized experiences to customers.
  • Optimise content creation by merging creativity, people, data, and customer insights.
  • Helps brands to drive customer engagement across channels, create seamless experiences and meet the demands of omnichannel commerce.
  • It assists product development teams in creating quick and cost-effective virtual prototypes- for remote collaboration.

Our Capabilities

Mobile App Development

iOS Development
Android Development
Tech Stack : React Native, Ionic, Xamarin, Flutter, Low Code Platform- Mendix and MS Powerapps, Progressive Web Apps

Web App Development

Python, Front
End Development,



Wearable Devices

Smart Glass,
Wearable Scanner,
Smart Parking Terminals

Interactive Technologies

RFID Scanning,
NFC Card Scanning, Secure QR Code Creation,


20+ Years of Experience in Client Engagement
Scrum & Agile Certified Workforce
Ample Experience in Biometrics and Beacon Technology

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