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The new age flows from the combination of exponential new technologies, quick and ready-to-use applications, and cloud services, which in turn lead to massive new value creation. An innovation culture is what keeps a company’s reinvention going and keeps it alive. A Centre of Excellence (COE) is the first step in fostering greater creativity and innovation across the organization by empowering business units to digitize and automate their business processes and enabling them to align business goals rather than individual employee objectives.

Our digital practices are focused on ensuring success by empowering organizations to build a Centre of Excellence. Our services help you stay competitive, relevant, and ahead in a modernizing market, using a low-code/no-code platform as part of your practice. By leveraging Microsoft Center of Excellence (CoE) services, we enable organizations to drive innovation and improvement and bring together like-minded people with similar business goals to share knowledge and success, while at the same time providing standards, consistency, and governance to the business. The Microsoft CoE is a collection of components and tools designed to help you get started using Microsoft technologies and products.

Our capabilities include Application development by building cloud-native apps and modernizing your existing .NET and Java applications with Microsoft developer cloud. We also provide SharePoint services, including managed and admin services and migration services. We also enable employees to customize their applications using the Microsoft Power Platform. The services empower the employees towards a citizen-centric development as they use the low code platform to quickly build apps and workflows, obtain insights from data no matter where it lives, and benefit from enterprise-ready security and governance.

Our Services

Application Development

Sharepoint Services

Power Platform

Our Services​ | Application Development

Business Process Digitization

An interactive process where we help discover  client’s pain areas, create user-driven solutions, design-based visualization, and deploy the most suited technology to meet business objectives and create a delightful customer experience

Application Development Consulting

We specialize in custom application development based on industry standards, provide In house UX & UI specialists for user-centric design and host the applications on desktop, On-Premise, and Cloud.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

We provide a full range of custom progressive web application development services starting from business analysis, UI/UX design, to front-end & back-end development, maintenance & support.

Responsive Web Applications

We make your website future-proof for every device that may come to the market through responsive web enablement of any legacy application and custom web design & development.

Application Maintenance

We support you to continuously reinvent existing systems and applications to meet IT goals that are aligned with your business needs. Our deep domain expertise operates in complex environments and manages mission-critical applications to ensure zero downtime.

Application Support

Our application support activities ensure maximized availability, complete and uninterrupted functioning, and sustained application evolution.

Our Services​ | Sharepoint

SharePoint Consulting

We enable you to get a comprehensive understanding of SharePoint capabilities, create an implementation roadmap to meet the business initiatives – in the areas of content management, collaboration, business process automation, and workflow.

SharePoint Design and Development

Our Design & Architecture services lay the foundation for your SharePoint solutions. We provide a robust architectural base coupled with proven methodologies to plan, design, prototype, and validate for design and development.

Intranet Development

Our dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) for SharePoint & O365 works passionately towards providing intelligent and cost-effective solutions such as modern and custom intranet development for businesses of different sizes and industries

Document Management Solution

SharePoint document management system digitalizes the document lifecycle from creation to archiving by constructing structured repositories, enhancing content value through metadata, and indexing for content discovery.

SharePoint Migration

We provide different SharePoint migration services like basic migration to SharePoint’s latest versions, migration to SharePoint Online or Office 365, and migration to third-party solutions to SharePoint that can help you to upgrade existing features, enhance productivity and reduce costs.

SharePoint Maintenance and Support

We support maintenance by timely updating the system by installing service and feature packs, security audits, and installing security patches to protect your working processes. Our SharePoint Health Check Service helps monitor your SharePoint environment, detect performance and security gaps.

Our Services | Power Platform

Power Apps

 Rather than relying on traditional application development through a centralized IT department, Power apps empower your employees to become citizen developers.

The platform enables enterprises to build apps and workflows fast, gain insights from data, regardless of where it lives, and enjoy enterprise-ready security and governance.


  • Develop low-code apps and forms that enhance your productivity with Power Apps for Office 365. 
  • Integrate and share apps and workflows within Microsoft Teams.
  • Collect, manage, and distribute content and data using SharePoint, Microsoft Forms, and Excel.

Power Automate

 The cloud-based application in Office 365 allows you to create automated workflows between multiple applications and digital services to increase user efficiency

 Helps in integration to maximize efficiency to automate without disruption, in real-time


  • Helps you to automate paperless operations and repetitive tasks without needing to know how to code.
  • Workflows can be triggered automatically based on specified metrics or events.
  • The platform helps to make data-based decisions and enhance productivity with seamless integration and intelligent automation.

Power BI

 Enables teams at every level of your organization to make confident decisions using up-to-the-minute analytics.

 Get self-service analytics at enterprise scale by using smart and easy tools for making strong business data-driven decisions


  • Pre-built and Real-time dashboard updates with a secure, live connection to your data sources, on-premises, and in the cloud
  • Integration with familiar Microsoft products and commitment for scale & availability in Azure
  • Fast deployment, hybrid configuration, secure, and integrated with existing IT systems.

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