Accelerate your SAP Transformation with Amazon Web Services.


SAP migration to the cloud has become a top-of-mind concern for enterprises for many reasons which includes lower TCO, Operational resilience, enhanced productivity and business agility. Moving SAP workloads to the cloud is a complicated and crucial process implying the transition of data, applications and technologies from the company’s local infrastructure to a remotely managed platform. Bringing them to the cloud isn’t a simple “lift and shift” operation and requires expertise and deep understanding approach for digital transformation.

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Migrating SAP workloads to AWS Cloud

As your business SAP migration is a complicated procedure of data transition revolving around changes to the hardware, software and the physical location of the SAP landscape. It requires special knowledge, skillset and the engagement of professionals. Therefore, it’s important for enterprises to decide for migrating their SAP workloads to cloud at the right time.

Benefits of moving SAP workloads to AWS Cloud

Improved security and

Digital Transformation

Improved performance with

Cost Efficiency
(lowered TCO)

Agility/Staff productivity

Accessibility from anywhere

Industry Solutions

Data & Analytics

Technical debt retirement

Why AWS is best fit for SAP workload

With the longest track record of SAP customer successes on the cloud, AWS is the proven cloud provider to run critical SAP workloads. AWS has the most extensive set of services to drive innovation on the cloud, enabling you to unlock new capabilities like AI/ML and IOT to drive new value from SAP applications.

Leverage AWS Cloud to accelerate your SAP S/4HANA transformation journey

Longest track record of success

Confidently run mission-critical SAP workloads on AWS, knowing AWS has been running SAP workloads since 2008

Most extensive services to innovate

Accelerate innovation by extending SAP systems to a broad selection of AWS services around machine learning and IoT

Support demanding workloads for the most

Reliably run SAP workloads on purpose-built hardware and scale- out architectures

Our transformation methodology and phase wise approach

  • Clarify high level scope of the project
  • Define and clarify business goals
  •  Understand current SAP landscape inventory
  •  Identifying Non-functional requirements
  •  Technical Architecture Validation
  •  Checking prerequisites
  •  Mapping infrastructure
  •  Preparing migration plan
  •  Aligning and on-boarding the team members
  •  Re-evaluate architecture such as HA/DR consideration, latencies
  •  OS / DB Harmonization
  •  Right Sizing on Compute & Storage
  •  Rationalize Non-Production systems
  •  Optimize Backup Policy/ Retention
  •  Selecting the right commercial options for optimum TCO
  •  Clarify high level scope of the project
  •  Define and clarify business goals
  •  Define needed working ERP data
  •  Clean up and categorize Data
  •  Perform in-depth analysis and extract conclusions

Managing SAP workloads

Regulated Industry Expertise

(Pharma, Automotive, Manufacturing Engineering etc,)

Optimum value

Experience Of Multiple Transformation Projects


Our proprietary ITGC tool inbuild into our support offering

SAP Expertise beyond version boundaries

Entire SAP Life Cycle, Migrations & Rollouts (Ver. 4.6C Onwards – S4HANA)


Speedy & Powerful Innovation through Simplification

Delivery Excellence

SLA, Accountability & Continuous focus on Governance

Benefits for migration to AWS Cloud

Migrate your SAP workloads to AWS with Motherson Technology Services to modernize your environment and run applications more efficiently. we work collaboratively with our clients’ to guide and assist them in migrating their system to a stable and innovative cloud platform.

Our expertise and flexible deployment options enables seamless migration and deployment of SAP environment to the cloud at clients’ own pace

Our core strength around the modern capabilities, such as machine learning and IoT, helps you in driving your business forward and lay the foundation for future successes on the cloud

Significant cost savings by true consumption-based billing, consistent optimization and support for right sizing all the cores.

Maximise the value of your SAP environment

Motherson Technology Services is here to help you migrate your SAP workloads to enhance your SAP environment and operations while preparing you for the future. Through trusted technologies, investment security, and flexible innovation, We help you modernize your SAP systems and build a foundation for digital transformation.

  •  Lower the risk from outages of essential services with built-in business continuity including the advanced high availability solution, automated data recovery and improved security.
  •  Foster innovation for new service delivery by reducing the complexity of infrastructure management with automation features that frees the system administrators from routine maintenance.
  •  Minimize the time and effort to transition to SAP S/4HANA and deploy SAP landscapes with a unified platform that includes application installation and superior support.
  •  Leverage public cloud features, advantages and PaaS services to deploy your SAP workloads on public cloud instances.

Customer Success Stories

Crystal Crop Protection Limited (CCPL) is a market leader in Agro-Chemical Segment. Motherson Technology Services has helped them kickstart technology-led transformation of IT Business operations by leveraging our experience and expertise in SAP advisory, consulting and migration to AWS cloud.

BioSource Cultures & Flavors is a primary manufacturer of lactic cultures and flavors located in Muskego, USA. BioSource was looking for an integrated solution to streamline their processes, make informed business decisions with real time access to information.

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Converging transformation and growth to integrate innovation


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