Legacy Transformation

Adopt a modern approach by reimagining your
legacy systems in the digital age


As we enter into a new era of digitisation, it has become increasingly important for businesses to reimagine their processes, modernise technology and transform experiences. Today, organisations are becoming more adaptable in ways to be flexible and agile as new technologies take centre stage in a dynamic business environment. As digital transformation sets trends, it becomes imperative for businesses to drive change with application modernisation.

Our capabilities and strategy for legacy modernisation help businesses that face issues, such as high ownership costs, problems with compliance adherence,  poor user experience, ageing hardware and security devices due to traditional technology and legacy systems. Our design thinking-led approach gives the legacy systems a new life, leading to improved business agility, user experience, and increased operational efficiency. We help the enterprises with our knowledge, experience, and processes to confidently migrate, modernise and transform their old applications through our Digital Modernisation services.

Our legacy modernisation services enable a continuous transformation process of legacy systems helping to reduce IT environment complexity and costs, improving data consistency, promoting cross-platform collaboration, and boosting process flexibility. We primarily seek to convert existing systems into web-based client systems and to integrate multiple systems that are related. We ensure that the new system has similar capabilities while also being compatible with existing data formats.

Drivers for Legacy Transformation

Customer Centric Business Model

Transform Customer Experience, lower your operational risk and enhance response time

Improved Business & Operating Model

Simplify your Products & Systems and align business strategy to increase operational efficiency

New Technology

Increase Performance with scalability, easy maintenance and reusability and fast integrations with other systems

Optimized Digital Backbone

Foster Innovation with agile business processes and manage compliance to manage risk

Our Approach



We help applications migrate to new platforms with minimum changes



We restructure existing legacy systems without adding functionalities to modernise the entire system



We rewrite the existing application from scratch while maintaining the core functionalities

Our Services

Modernisation road map

Transformation services

Cloud management

Design Thinking Led Framework | SYNERGIA

Our journey for legacy transformation begins with understanding the business processes through knowledge transfer sessions to analyse the gaps and assess the existing application architecture and complexity. After redefining the whole process, we follow our design thinking led framework- Synergia, to determine and finalise the transformation goals by defining the migration strategy, future infrastructure, customer lifecycle and UX Benchmarking. We rehost and re-platform and create a customised solution for our client by prototyping and transforming the existing process. Moreover, we enable our clients to deliver excellent, delightful customer experiences while improving business results.

Influence Bottom Line

Our multi-channel strategies can help you explore additional business opportunities and personalise customer experiences for stronger bottom line

IT Organization Transformation

We assist in transforming your traditional IT organisation through redesigned processes and performance attributes to make it compatible with the digital world.

New Business Models

We help you design new business models that are relevant and aligned to your multi-channel business strategies

Design Business Models

We design scalable business models to optimise your digital investments and empower your business value chain.

Achieve Operational Excellence

Adopting more nimble business model and technologically driven operations enable you to improve process efficiencies and achieve operational excellence.

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